Tuesday, March 03, 2009
shake your tail feather
Who said white birds can't dance?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That was just too cute! Frosty certainly didn't "forget to dance"


Blogger PickieChickie said...

I have Google alerts set up so every time someone blogs about Frostie, I get an e-mail! I've been getting so many alerts I'm astounded! Lol! I'm glad you enjoyed Frostie's Shake Your Tail Feather video! You should go to Frostie's YouTube Channel so you can watch his other funny videos including the video I shot of him watching Ellen Degeneres' show while she aired part of this video! It is hilarious!

Here is a link to Frostie's YouTube Channel: http://youtube.com/onepickiechickie

Here is a link to Frostie's MySpace Page/Blog: http://myspace.com/pickiechickie

Thank you for sharing his video with your readers!

Karla K. Larsson

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