Sunday, March 01, 2009
recession shopping: zenni optical
In today's wintry economic climate, I count myself lucky that 1) I'm employed and 2) I have optical insurance. However, even with insurance offsetting some of the cost, glasses are still très expensive, so I'd been putting off getting new frames for - oh - say six or seven years now. Then my aunt tipped me off to Zenni Optical - an Internet-based optical company that offers glasses for dirt cheap. I was skeptical, but their frames were plentiful and unique, so I figured it was worth risking the twenty bucks.

Although I cannot vouch for their customer service (my glasses were delayed nearly two weeks due to a shipping snafu), I would still recommend the products they offer. My new glasses are not only adorable, they only set me back $20. At that price, it's hard to quibble over a little extra wait time.



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