Friday, December 12, 2008
twenty four quacks
This year, Chloe got her Christmas presents early. We figured it would be alright, seeing how she's A DOG and has no concept of Christmas, Santa, baby Jesus or even gift-giving in general, preferring to function quite simply in an endless eat -sleep -hump-defecate-flashdance loop.

Both gifts were stuffed and, unfortunately for me, both make "realistic" noises.  The skunk hasn't proven to be too much of an issue.  She only seems to want to play with it when she's feeling sinister, thus compelled to whip something around by its tail, and its sound - while weird - is relatively brief.  But the duck, however...

Let's just say it might be love, which would be cute if it didn't quack TWENTY-FOUR TIMES whenever she squeezes the stinking thing.  

And does she sometimes squeeze it at three-thirty in the AM? Oh yes. She does.  Love, apparently, has no concept of time.


LOL. And that last picture is ridiculously adorable. It really must be love!

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