Tuesday, November 04, 2008
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I'm still suffering from a wicked case of election day jitters, so rather than wax political I've been distracting myself with nature photography.  In case you missed it, National Geographic announced its picks for the Best Wild Animal Photos of 2008, and they truly are stunning.  Some don't even look as if they could be possible:

This last one, taken of a snow leopard in India, was the overall winner.  And rightly so, says I.  Deee-lovely! 

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Blogger Mary said...

Ok, which one is winning in the top photo? I've been staring at it for several minutes.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

You'd think snake, but my vote goes for poisonous tree frog. They're mighty feisty.

Blogger aimee said...

oooh--i always wanted to see a snow leopard. from a distance, that is! ;)

Blogger JMW said...

Ha, I just posted one of these today (that epic battle at the top, which looks like a really icky draw to me; they're sort of swallowing each other, no?) I've been away from my usual online haunts the past couple of days, or else this would have come "via" you and not VSL. :)

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