Wednesday, October 29, 2008
stuff i made: halloween edition
Our annual Halloween party is this Saturday, and since I've recently had more than the usual amount of time and nervous energy on my hands, I've decided to get crafty. Observe:

Although country cabin is the polar opposite of my typical decorating aesthetic, I have a bit of a soft spot for seasonal door wreaths.  Unfortunately, they have a tendency to be pricey and I have a tendency to be cheap.  Thus, I made my own out of discounted ribbon and a $4 wreath form.  It's pretty cute, fairly inexpensive and wasn't too much of a time commitment:

These festive votives - constructed from baby food jars, crepe paper and glue - were a messy pain in the arse to make, but the end result is so adorable that it was ultimately worth getting decoupage in all sorts of surprising places in both my house and on my anatomy. I can't wait to see them outside and all lit up!:

And although I haven't made this Halloween garland yet, I'm thinking that I'm gonna: (Assuming I can get my house properly cleaned in time, that is...)

(All ideas via Craft.  Follow the links for more specific directions, should you desire them.)

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Blogger Carrie said...

The votives are cute! I'm glad you got a chance to make them. I made my feather wreath, which I'll post photos of, but didn't finish my skull garland. Perhaps it'll be a craft project after Halloween to use next year.

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