Tuesday, September 23, 2008
random words, phrases and clauses that i'm going to try sneak into my "meet your kid's teacher" speech at tonight's open house
Because a) I can't believe it's that time of year again, b) I had oodles of fun doing it last year, and c) who am I kidding - I may have a student teacher this year, but I still make a pretty lousy role model more often than not...

And so without further ado, here she goes. *Ahem*:

As sponsor of our school's underground fight club...

a veritable smorgasbord of tomfoolery and ineptitude

...which was when Gabriel the Archangel descended from the Heavens, revealing to me that little Johnny was really a demon masquerading as a child.


...when we will spend the entire month intensely studying all the Austin Powers films.

...which is amazing considering I don't actually know how to read.

when my Triforce starts to burn

...but that was long ago and before my sex change.


in case of a zombie attack

...though with the fast approaching apocalypse this all becomes rather moot, wouldn't you agree?

...because it can be awfully hard to focus, what with all these voices in my head!!!


president of my vampire romance novel club

our recent lice infestation

where I live with my husband, dog and forty-seven feral cats

where the waterboarding occurs

Dungeons and Dragons Tuesdays

...because I never actually went to college per se, but I can see one from my house!



That is AWESOME. Especially since you probably would have no trouble slipping a few of these in (others would earn extra points for creativity, however) Love the "smorgasbord of tomfoolery"!

Blogger Mrs. White said...

I actually did manage to slip in the one about never actually attending college!

(And I sincerely hope they understood that I was JOKING.)

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