Wednesday, September 17, 2008
hello, cupcake!
For the record, there's several post ideas currently baking in my oven, but none of them are quite ready to come out yet. Thus, puppies and cupcakes for a bit.

But I don't really feel so bad about it. These were flipping awesome cupcakes:

Taste: Um, it's carmel and apple. Together. The fact that it's going to be utterly delicious ain't exactly rocket science, folks. (I even convinced Nathan to eat one!)

Level of Ease: Easy peasy, like the best things usually are.

(Recipe Via Sugar On Top)



Blogger Nathan said...

For the record for people who don't know me, it's not that I avoid Mrs. White's cupcakes but I don't have a sweet tooth. I RARELY eat deserts. I only had one bite of our wedding cake and for just symbolic reasons. But these peaked my interest, and they were good.

Blogger Dustin said...

Nathan, I think it is because you are a communist.

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