Tuesday, January 08, 2008
viva my papa
Someone very special to me celebrates his birthday today - my father. And in honor of the event, here's a picture of one of his proudest moments - the day he met President Nixon:

Cheers, dad! May your sideburns always be bushy, your leisure suits velvet, and your firearms fully operational.


Blogger Mrs. White said...

The photo credit goes to my brother, and no, the fact that my dad shares a birthday with Elvis will never stop being funny to me...

Blogger Mary said...

I thought maybe that's why you posted it as sort of a spoof. The fact that your dad had such a cool hairdo and choose of clothing is fantastic! My dad was a square and kept his sideburns trimmed and wore a pocket protector.

Happy Birthday to one cool dad!

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Oh no, 90% of that picture is Elvis; my little brother is a wiz with the photoshop is all.

Although my dad is pretty cool :)

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