Wednesday, December 19, 2007
my 20 favorite albums of 2007: #10-6

(And for those of you who think I'm speaking a different language when I write these music posts, I know you just ignore them and that's okay.  I'm almost done, I swear!)

Icky Thump took me a bit longer to "get" compared to all of White's previous efforts, but got there I did. Sure, Jack White can be pedantic and his choice in hairstyles is certainly suspect, but with this he can also prove himself to be completely versatile and eclectic. Icky Thump successfully bounces around between sweet and pretty, to slightly country, to an Irish sort of folk, to straight-up bluesy, and to downright weird, and I happen to be a lady who digs a man with range.
Favorite: "Effect and Cause"

Each time I set out to rank this one, I found myself having to put it higher and higher than I originally planned to. This album is seamlessly and impressively well-layered, and its perceived lo-fi simplicity really masks an impressive complexity. Also, it rocks. Even the cover art is awesome!
Favorites: "Weird", "The Pelican"

Admittedly, I had never heard of Okkervil River before The Stage Names, and if their previous efforts are anything like it then I've most certainly been missing out. There's a reason this is one of the best reviewed albums of the year.

#7: The Arcade Fire, Neon Bible
No, it's not in my top five; no, I haven't drunk that kool-aid. But, it's good. I adore exactly half of the songs on Neon Bible (and the rest I like well enough too).

By now you probably already know of my love of and former involvement with musical theater and my deep appreciation for both harmonies and lyricism, but did I ever tell you about my very brief but glorious stint as a pseudo-raver kid? Well, if I had then you'd better understand my unashamed, unabashed, unwavering love for Of Montreal.
Favorites: "A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger", "Gronlandic Edit"

Finally, I'll leave you with a video of myself as I dance to Of Montreal's "A Sentence of Sorts in Kongsvinger". My, but don't I look lovely?!?

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