Thursday, June 25, 2009
r.i.p., michael jackson
Too many people will probably remember him for the hot mess he became, but I have one very fond memory of learning to moonwalk in my friend's driveway, another of listening to a vinyl copy of Thriller in my cousins' basement, and countless of dancing to his songs at weddings, parties, in bars, and while cleaning my house, and those are the moments I recalled upon hearing of Michael Jackson's passing.

Above everything else, he was a phenomenal entertainer and I'm really going to miss his crazy/talented ass. And so, in remembrance, moonwalk with me:



Blogger Carrie said...

Maybe I'm just an apologist, but I'm kind of annoyed at all the people who chatising those who are upset about his death because he was a child molester. While that's not a topic to take lightly, I think we need to celebrate his legacy, and also remember he was a victim of the cycle of abuse and had clear mental health problems.

Grrr. Sorry. Just venting.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

No, I agree. There's plenty I could say about the art vs. the artist, alleged crimes vs. convicted ones, the cycle of abuse, and the dangers of fame, however, I'm too busy moonwalking to do more than roll my eyes at those who insist on being hateful.

Blogger Danny Boy said...

Let's not forget that he was found to be innocent in a court of law, and that countless other children whom he befriended denied Michael ever having done anything inappropriate with them; including Macaulay Culkin, who testified in court in defence of Michael, and divorced his parents for being twats. I'm sure if Michael had pulled anything on him that he'd be talking. The thing he was probably most guilty of is being a tad weirder than the rest of us, and making some poor choices. There will always be someone who wants another person's money and isn't afraid to use their children's illness to get it.

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