Wednesday, April 01, 2009
various strategies i've been considering for dealing with the pervy kid who keeps whistling at me every time i walk past him in the computer lab:
1. Continue to feign deafness.

2. Seek out his name and then call his mother to tell her what a disrespectful little dirty birdie she raised in the hopes that it shames him into stopping.

3. Sit him down for a little convo about misogyny, sexual harassment, objectification of women and how it's generally just nicer to be respectful of your fellow humans.

4. Start whistling back in the hopes that he takes it in the ironic, sardonic manner that I intend it (rather than as some sort of creepy invitation).

5. Sit him down for a little convo about boring clich├ęs and how whistling at random women as they pass by is exactly that.

6. Call him a fucktard and be done with it.

Decisions are tough, doves. Lots of thinking to do.



Ew. That IS creepy. I'd probably make a repulsed face at him and shudder as I walked by. Gross gross gross.

Blogger Danny Boy said...

I say call him a fucktard!

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