Tuesday, April 07, 2009
feeling crafty
I'm on Spring Break this week, and since Nate and I will be taking a pretty awesome, hence pretty pricey trip this summer, I'm spending this week home bound. But understand that's not to say that I'm not having a perfectly wild time. In between doing body shots off of my dog's tummy and accidentally becoming the lone contestant in a wet t-shirt contest while scrubbing out the shower, I've been cutting loose with some crafts. I know. I'm SO INTENSE!

But seriously, I've been itching to do some redecorating, and so I set my sights on doing something with my ugly white plastic switchplates. Etsy has some really cute ones, but I hate buying things when I know I can make them myself, and so that's exactly what I did. A little glue, some pretty paper, a few sprays of high gloss finishing spray, and - voila! - funky new switchplate covers.

They're totally easy, very cheap, and perfectly fabulous. Just like me. (SPRING BREAK, BABY!!!)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I soooo love these! I still have the one up in your old bedroom that you painted at 14, maybe you can update it;)


Blogger Carrie said...

Very cute! I was wondering what you were crafting. ;)

Blogger figment said...

very crafty, indeed. do you have one of them there fancy cutting devices to get the switch hole cut so smoothly? something as little as that would stop me from doing something crafty like this myself.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

I just used an exacto knife, which proved very handy not only for cutting out the holes, but for also cutting the painted-on switchplates off of my dining room walls because I'm a daft bint and was too lazy to remove them last time I repainted the walls. (NOT recommended.)

Blogger cornshake said...

so adorable! i was thinking of doing some for my office then i forgot all about it till i saw this again. ps. isnt RR a gorgeous book? have u seen the movie??

Blogger Mrs. White said...

No, I haven't seen the movie yet, but I want to. But after reading the book, I just can't picture Kate Winslet as April, and I REALLY don't see Leonardo DiCaprio as Frank. Leo still has too much of a baby face and Winslet just doesn't seem... severe enough somehow.

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