Thursday, November 27, 2008
i am thankful...
for my family, who I love and who I don't see often enough.

for my friends, who make me smile.

for my husband, who loves me more than anyone else ever could.

for a dog who never seems to mind when I'm being horrible.

that I have everything that I need, even if not everything that I want.

for my health, and for yours too.

that I live in a country where I can speak my mind, even if what I'm saying is utterly ridiculous more often than it is not.

for my house, which, though small, is all that I need.

for my job, which, though imperfect, makes me happy and gives my life a funny sort of meaning.

for the places I've gone, and the things that I've seen.

for the places I still have yet to go.

for the first warm day of spring.

for a life filled with relative peace.

that I am happy more days than I am not.

for sunshine.

for you.

Happy Thanksgiving!  (You turkey. ;)


Blogger Carrie said...

I purposely didn't read anyone else's Thanksgiving post before I wrote mine, so it's nice to see that we're thankful for many of the same things. Although you said it prettier.

I'm very thankful for you, lady.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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