Monday, November 24, 2008
favorite songs of 2008, #12 of 30: q-tip's "won't trade"
Chinese Democracy has basically monopolized the music media since it came out, but the long-awaited release of Q-Tip's second solo album, The Renaissance, is all I care to talk about today.  Nine years was a long time to wait for a sophomore release, but it seems it's been worth it.  The Renaissance is near-flawlessly executed, and is as easy on the ears as Q-Tip is on the eyes.  "Neo-soul" is what the people in the know are calling it, and although I'm not entirely sure what that means, I am totally sure that I dig it.  In fact, I've been listening to The Renaissance on a loop for the past two days.  Every song is solid, but "Won't Trade" is one of my current favorites.  So, and without further ado, please. Do.*

*Though, maybe do so at home, since some lyrics are NSFW. You slacker.

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