Wednesday, October 08, 2008
hello, cupcake!
So, this very well may be one of *the* most unique things I've ever made, but in honor of my husband - a man born without a sweet tooth - it was the perfect birthday treat:

(Recipe via Michelle of Fine Furious Life)

Level of Ease: Very

Tastiness Factor: Well...excellent! Despite the unconventional form, this is perhaps one of the best meatloaf recipes I've ever stumbled across. And as a added bonus, don't the pink mashed potatoes just scream manliness???



Blogger Carrie said...

This is making me very hungry right now.

Blogger paul said...

This may very well be the best meat cake I've ever seen. You find a solution for the inherent meltiness of candles yet?

Blogger cornshake said...

i told Dustin about this last night and he seriously couldn't stop talking about it. he may have been talking about meat cakes in his sleep. great. looks like I will have to make this Dec. 14th.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Yes, Paul, I did indeed solve the melty candle problem. I didn't use them. ;)

Blogger PAK said...

I believe the word you were searching for is "meat-tooth".

Those meat cupcakes look... compelling. Delicious. Any un-manliness conferred by the pink mashed potatoes is nullified by the fact that you're eating a cupcake made out of meat.

Blogger Nathan said...

The picture offers a lousy depiction of the deliciousness. I bet the same recipe makes a decent meatloaf but especially in a cupcake ratio... this is amazing.

Thank you Mrs. White for the birthday treat. I've never had a better meatloaf or birthday meal.

I'm really proud that you made these meatcakes. I feel terrible that my cheeky comment earlier may have sounded catty, I really never meant it to. Happy birthday again!

Anonymous Dustin said...

Oh, I will have them.

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