Tuesday, October 07, 2008
I'm presently about as busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest, but I did want to take a quick second to point out that today is my beloved's birthday. Perhaps you should send him some well wishes, yes?

(And I'm thinking he'll need them considering the fact that I'm attempting to make him these for his birthday dinner tonight. Maybe a quick prayer that I don't burn the house down is in order as well.)


Blogger Nathan said...

Woo-hoo! 3-MEAT MEATLOAF CUPCAKES WITH MASHED POTATO FROSTING! This is going to be the best birthday ever!

And considering the success of the meatloaf birthday cake you made me a few years ago I'm sure this'll work out fine. That didn't even have mashed potato frosting.

(FYI for those of you who are inspired to make meatloaf birthday cakes... and who wouldn't be... a word of advice: don't put candles in the cake. While you're admiring the beauty of a meat cake and making a wish the wax candles are melting inside the hot meatloaf. You've been warned.)

Blogger Carrie said...

Happy Birthday Nathan! Have an awesome day. I hope you enjoy the meatloaf cupcakes- I'm anxious to hear how they turn out.

Blogger cornshake said...

omg. i might have to steal this meaty/neaty idea for my own husband...i will be sure to give you proper PROPS though...

Blogger cornshake said...

ps. Happy Birthday, Nathan!!

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Pictures are forthcoming, but they turned out really, really, surprisingly well. But in all honesty, the credit for the recipe should really go to Carrie, as she was the one who sent it my way several months ago.

Can a leeeeetle bit of credit go to the person who wrote the recipe, too?


Happy birthday, Nathan!

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Ha! Oops. But of course, Michelle, and a proper credit to you is forthcoming too. But for now, thank you sincerely for the recipe. It was great!

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