Monday, May 26, 2008
And it's no longer my birthday.  I know.  I checked.

But it was a wonderful one.  Perhaps the best one ever. (Although my 4th birthday was pretty awesome too.  I got a swingset, so you can see how the competition is pretty fierce.)  

So far, being thirty feels nearly identical to being twentynine except five pounds heavier, although I'm reasonably optimistic that this is just a temporary condition caused by nearly two weeks of irresponsible travel dining rather than some horrible rite of passage.  (But if it's the latter - if everyone who turns thirty instantly gains five pounds to mark the occasion - and you knew this and didn't tell me, then I'm mad at you.  These are things friends warn friends about.)

Anyway, I'm back.  As you have probably already noticed, I don't really have much to say, but I am back.  So there's that.

More later.  Hopefully by then I'll have actual points to make and everything!


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