Wednesday, May 14, 2008
off to nyc. then back. then off again. but, eventually, back.
I realize I've been a bit lame at blogging recently, but things are about to get really crazy for me, which means blogging has nowhere to go but downhill.

(And for that I'm sorry.  You know I'll make it up to you, baby.  Eventually.)

You see, I'm currently in a last minute shopping/laundering/packing frenzy so I can be prepared to rise super early tomorrow, jump on a chartered bus with a slew of 16-year-olds, and (twelve hours later) arrive New York City - this year's "thank goodness the Advanced Placement History test is finally over and I managed to make it out with my sanity and most of my dignity intact" trip.  

(And if you've never taken a trip with 30+ teenagers, then you absolutely must.  It's really the only way to travel, daaahling.)

So, a long weekend with the kiddies in The Big Apple, and then I come back home for a few days only to head back to New York to ring in my birthday. 

(And the goal here is to surround myself with enough family, food, shopping, hustle and bustle so that I'm too distracted to get depressed over the fact that I'm turning thirty.  Eke.)

Anyway, I'm boring you with all of this simply because I'm trying to explain why my "traditional" blogging will be pretty spotty for the next few weeks.  I am planning to experiment with "microblogging," however, so there will be something to look at if you get to missing me and feel like paying me a visit.  Assuming everything works properly, it should be up and running here fairly soon.  

(And I promise to try and make it more interesting than "I'm sitting on a bus right now with a numb bum."  Given my situation and destination I'm fairly certain that relatively interesting things should, at least occasionally, happen.  But if they don't, I'll make stuff up.  Promise.)

So, yes.  Talk to you soon, but in a shorter, more "micro" manner.  



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