Monday, September 14, 2009
so long, and thanks for all the fish
Trust that I've been back and forth on this for ages, but after giving it MUCH thought I've decided that pretty to think so is officially on sabbatical. In short, despite the pleasure and joy of community that this wee little weblog has provided me for the past 4+ years, I have a life that - at least for the present moment - needs careful attending to and deserves my full attention.

How long will it last? Doves, that I do not know. But what I DO know is that if I cannot do something well, then I don't care to do it at all. So, when the time comes that I can devote more of my time and energies to writing things of wit, merit, and just general entertainment, then I will resume blogging anew. I still plan to post regularly on my beloved Don't Forget to Dance; however, I fear I may be done with personal blogging for the foreseeable future and I wouldn't feel right by you, my faithful reader, if I didn't drop a line to let you know.

So (and if you will), keep me in your thoughts and in your Google Readers, for this is not goodbye, but 'till we meet again. And UNTIL then, remember that:

Mrs White


Blogger Matt said...

Say it so! This blog accounts for over 15% of DFTD's page views. That's 765 visits since Feb.! IT'S OUR MAIN REFERRER FOR BLOG'S SAKE!

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Ah, gee. As if I didn't feel bad enough! It's not forever, though, and in the meantime those who miss me can just find me over there. Win/win, right? ;)

Blogger Jen said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Never left you a comment, but wanted you to know that I have enjoyed your blog for over a year. I checked it daily and will miss your keen sense of humor, style and wit. My best.
Jen in Texas

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Thanks for reading, Jen!

Blogger JMW said...

Well, as you know, I'm a big fan. Haven't been commenting as much as I'd like recently. I hope everything else you're devoting your time to goes swimmingly, and also hope that the blog makes a comeback before too long, if that's what's in the cards! In the meantime, all best....

Blogger Gregg said...

Wow, what does it say about me and my schedule lately that it's taken me this long to find this post announcing your sabbatical?

I don't think I've had my Reader open for at least a couple of weeks, and haven't paid much attention to my own blog for even longer than that.

It will be a swell day when I see activity again from pretty to think so, because you're one of the coolest chicks on the interwebs, Mrs. White.

Happy Sabbatical! :)
And hurry back.

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