Friday, September 04, 2009
so long, summer
Aye, me. It appears to be that time again. Summer's nearly gone, which means my life is about to return to a hysterical pace. Consequently, things will most likely be a bit slow 'round these parts while I try reacclimate myself to waking up before dawn, not going to the bathroom for an eight-hour stretch, learning 140 new names (though, truthfully, it's not so bad since about 30 of them will be "Katlyns" and 15 of them will be "Tylers"), and just generally trying to get my feet under me. I'd say I was excited about all those things, but...

Anywho, I'm going to be spending my Labor Day weekend camping in the wilds of Oakland County, Michigan. (He.) And we're going tent camping, which I haven't done in roughly ten years, so I'm pretty excited. No "glamping" for us, kids. There will be outhouses, meats on sticks, and wild beasties coming to investigate us while we slumber. I imagine it will be quite similar to how our early American forefathers camped, but with fewer Indian raids are more marshmallows. (Hmm.... marshmallows...)

Whatever your plans for the weekend are, I hope they go swimmingly, and I will leave you with the song that always pops into my head this time of year. As Martha Stewart always says, "a little Bananarama is always a very good thing."

(Damn, that video's ridiculous.)


Blogger Danny Boy said...

This song makes me ill; it is definately the content. I hate going back to school even though I don't have to go back to school.

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