Tuesday, May 26, 2009
to my dear and faithful readers:
Hiya! You still there?

I ask because for the last month or so I feel as if I've been, at best, intermittent and downright distant at worst, but May is now almost over which means both my New York trip and birthday hoopla are in the past. Furthermore, with my seniors gone I now have an extra planning hour, thus more time to chip away at the enormous pile of crap that's been gathering dust on my desk. More planning time means I can actually get most of my work done AT WORK (novel concept, eh?), and so I can now spend my evenings doing fun stuff, i.e.: reading, baking, watching movies, learning to play my new mandolin and blogging.

So, yes, consider all my cylinders fired and my engine engaged. I've got a book review on deck, photographs in the hole, and this to whet your appetite in the meantime:

Be back soon...


Blogger Mary said...

There's nothing as great as the muppets and Steve Martin with the morning coffee! Thanks!

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