Thursday, May 14, 2009
ny, ny
Wow, this year has flown by! Somehow it's already mid-May, which means I'm off to attend my annual end-of-the-year, in-country field trip with my Honors sophomores. We're going to New York again this year, which (hopefully) means another weekend full of watching my students' sheltered, suburban, incredibly conservative minds being blown by modern art, skyscrapers, and chance run-ins with gay pride parades in the West Village. It's an experience that's almost worth spending twenty hours on a bus with a couple dozen fifteen-year-olds. (And by "almost" I mean "not at all.")

However, the highlight of this trip will be the fact that my mom is coming with, and we'll be able to meet up with my brother and his girlfriend while we're there. Mom's looking forward to spending some quality time with her children, while I'm looking forward to watching her endure my students. And considering the fact that we haven't even left and I'm somehow already privy to two different sets of recent "best friend/worst enemy" meltdowns amongst our young, female attendees, I'm fairly confident there will be no shortage of drama to keep us all on our toes. Ah, youth. I do not miss ye hardly at all.

And, with that, I'm off. I'll be back Wednesday, but until then please feel free to come on over and watch Kermit the Frog lip-synching along to LCD Soundsystem's "New York, I Love You But You're Bringing Me Down" as often as you please. (Because you know you love it. Don't even try pretendin'...)


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