Friday, May 29, 2009
grace, too
The thing about growing up listening to Detroit radio is that you manage to grow up listening to Canadian radio as well. They're pretty much interchangeable. And since my favorite local station beamed out from both Detroit and Windsor, at sixteen I counted The Tragically Hip - a Canadian band 75% of America has never even heard of - as one of my favorites. Like many rock bands I enjoyed in my youth, I sort of forgot about them once I discovered Radiohead, but I had cause to dust off my copy of Day for Night when my husband came home with a free pair of tickets to see The Hip tonight.

Unfortunately, we can't go - Nate's heading out of town and I fear I'm not self-actualized enough to go to a rock concert by myself - so in lieu of seeing them live in 2009, I started digging through some old videos of them live in 1995. John's got a good one of them performing "A Nautical Disaster," and here's them performing another one of my favorites, "Grace, Too." Honestly, I didn't expect these songs to hold up so well fifteen years later, but they do. Damn it.

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Blogger PAK said...

Oh man I totally would have gone to see the Tragically Hip with you tonight. Pretty much every time I heard a great song I wasn't super familiar with on Lithium 24 on Sirius/XMheard, it was the Hip. Easily one of the most underrated bands ever from our teen days.

Blogger Gretel said...

89x? Was that the station?

Blogger MB said...

I love the Tragically Hip!!! I saw them in concert in Chicago in the early 90's. I haven't heard much from them lately but Pigeon Camera is still one of my all time favorite songs. Thanks for this!

Speaking of Canada/US blending, I grew up never realizing what was American tv and what was Canadian. I never knew Mr. Dressup was Canadian until a few years ago, when I caught a rerun on CBC.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Hi Gretel. Yes, it was 89X that I was referring to. (This was, of course, before radio turned into one big SUCK. Those were the days!)

Blogger JMW said...

I want to see them live pretty badly now, too. Unfortunately, their only NY shows currently planned are up near Buffalo, and that's dang far away...

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