Monday, February 02, 2009
favorite songs of '09: andrew bird's "effigy"
I adore every single thing about Andrew Bird, so it's hardly a surprise that I love his newest endeavor, Noble Beast. As is his custom, the album is full of whistling, various stringed instruments and quirky lyrics, but it is a bit of a departure in that it feels a bit more accessible to a wider audience than much of his previous work has been. I must admit that I miss the epic, slow building ballads a bit, but it's a gorgeous album all the same. And while there's plenty to love here, "Effigy" is my current favorite. 

(And, might I mention, it's worth seeing through to the end, since the end's the best part.  His dreamy face that can serenade me with violins and la-da-das as often as it pleases!)

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Blogger Carrie said...

This is a pretty song! I downloaded this album, but haven't listened to it that much yet. Getting satellite radio has seroiusly cut into my iPod time.

Blogger figment said...

i second the serenading bit. oddly, the bird's been one of those extras in the story of my life this year- most recently nearly tripping over my dog's leash as he exited a local hipster shop. i tell you what, even sans song he's sure dreamy. ok... going back to my grown-up with boyfriend self now. ps thx for the "don't forget to dance" rec. i've been looking for new sources of new stuff!

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