Thursday, January 29, 2009
study links uncommon names to juvenile delinquency
Well, this is interesting. I heard on the news this morning about a study recently done at Shippensburg University showing a link between boys with uncommon and/or unpopular names and juvenile delinquency. And what are the names of the three most annoying boys I have right now, you ask?: Quinn, Laurence and Jackson. Ha!

The best thing about this study however, is that my husband is recently on this kick where he insists we should name our first-born son “Abe.” Thankfully, I now have a scientific reason why we should not: we name him Abe, and he's that much more likely to turn out to be a meth head who knocks over liquor stores for extra cash. Science says so.


Aha! Scientific proof! I'd say it goes double for girls with unusual spellings: Ashlee, Tiffanie, etc.

If only there was a statistical formula to calculate bitchiness relative to name spelling.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Nate on this one. One because Abe is not that uncommon and two, one of the finest men I ever knew had the nickname of Abie. I don't know why he was known by that moniker, but we always concluded it was possibly his middle name or people likened him to Abe Lincoln. I am talking about your great grandpa Raymond (Abie) Miller. Your dad and I would be honored to have a grandson named Abe or Abie. Also how common is Nestor?. . and while a character dad was a pretty good guy. I don't, however, feel the need to have a grandson named Nestor.


Blogger Mrs. White said...

K, if a bitchiness formula were to exist, I'd be inclined to assume that ending a name in an "i" rather than a "y" would be a likely factor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was just messing with you. You and Nate will have great kids even if you were to name one "Moon Unit". You both come from excellent gene pools (if I do say so myself) and you will be loving caring parents. Of course, there is the danger that grandparents might spoil them.


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