Sunday, December 28, 2008
my top 10 favorite book cover designs of 2008
Joseph Sullivan of Book Design Review has a much more comprehensive list of the best book cover designs of 2008, but this is my blog, hence here are my two cents on the matter. For my part (and with one notable exception), I limited myself to covers that not only appealed the strongest to my personal aesthetic, but also convinced me to either read, buy, borrow, or at least consider reading the book based on the design. They are listed in no particular order, and as you can tell, my tastes lean towards the minimalist:

This last one is the exception I referenced above, and it deserves a close-up.  It isn't photoshopped, but rather was created from individual needles placed into cardstock. I admit that I hadn't heard of the title until Sullivan posted on it and it's unlikely I'll ever read it, however the cover is too amazing to not include:

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Blogger paul said...

It's strange. I'm reading The Invention of Everything Else now and have complained to several people that I feel kind of odd reading it because the cover art is so clearly girly. However, my book (from our local library) looks much different that the version here. Anyway, she writes and awesome sentence.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

I know. My copy has the same cover as yours, and it is pretty girlie despite the fact that it's not a particularly girlie book. The cover I've posted here is an alternate design, and I think it matches the feel of the book much, much better.

Nonetheless, I'm glad your reading it, despite the girlie cover. ;)

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