Tuesday, September 09, 2008
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Although some may beg to differ, I firmly contend that when it comes to music there's really very little that I can't appreciate on some level.  Just like I never understood how someone can claim hate a particular color, I find it puzzling why someone would blankly dismiss an entire genre of music.  So, it follows that I equate claiming to hate all folk music with claiming to hate the color green: perhaps you don't like it as a general rule, but there's all sorts of different shades. Certainly you can't hate them all, and music lovers should always aim to keep an open mind.

I say this because today I'm posting "Mykonos", by Fleet Foxes - a band that's received heaps of glowing praise, but who I don't particularly like.  From what I can tell, they're part of a certain 'shaggy-bearded hipster hippie band' niche that many folks love, but that I just can't seem to warm up to. 

That doesn't mean I'm about to dismiss the entire genre, however.  And how could I?  I love this song:

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