Wednesday, September 03, 2008
back to school
Today was only my second day of the school year, and already I:
  • am mad missing my flip-flops, and have developed several blisters thanks to my stupid, cute high heeled shoes.
  • caught a cold. Apparently my immune system completely seizes and fails whenever I find myself in close proximity to more than 30 people in one room at one time. Zinc, ho!
  • dropped the f-bomb at lunch. Twice.
  • am wholly skeptical of my student teacher. She's interacted well with the students so far, however her professionalism is leaving much to be desired. Skipped opening day? Never bothered to get herself fingerprinted? Twenty minutes late on day one??? Really?!? I sense a come to Jesus meeting may be in our future.
  • scared the living hell out of my seniors. You know you've effectively driven home your point about the seriousness and intensity of your film course when four of them stay after class to confess past "C"s earned in English, and one of them bypasses all that and decides to immediately drop the class. And that's fine. I run a tight ship, and my high school basketball team didn't nickname me "Sarah Barracuda" for nothing.
  • jammed the copy machine. Twice.
  • served the school secretary an extra large helping of my infamous eye roll. She deserved it of course, however this is never a good idea.
  • am thoroughly impressed with my students. I know we're still firmly in the honeymoon stage of our relationship, but they all seem so eager! so nice! so willing! and so capable! that I can't help from falling in love.
  • have a cling-on. (noun. a well-meaning and sort of sad student who just. won't. leave you alone.)
  • feel a pretty good year may be on the horizon. Fingers crossed.



Love, love, love that you scared the seniors so thoroughly. It's so much fun!

Sounds like we're having pretty similar weeks so far (particularly in the blisters, cold, skepticism, and copy machine departments). Hopefully the year is indeed as good as it feels right now!

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