Monday, September 08, 2008
This Blacklick, Ohio church sign would be hi-larious if I didn't suspect them of being 100% serious:

I almost called my cousin, who lives in Blacklick, to make sure this wasn't a church she attends, but then I realized the sign says "Pastor" instead of "Father" so I'm fairly certain that, as a Catholic, she's an unlikely parishioner. And say what you will about us Catholics, but at least we've never been big on spelling our phobias out with large, plastic lettering on giant marquees...




Blogger Carrie said...

I totally almost blogged about this too, not realizing you had family in that town. Good god, the blazing intolerance here! (But it also makes me sad that that damn Kate Perry song is getting that ubiquitous; I hate it.)

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