Friday, August 15, 2008
inelegant eloquence
It's usually around this time in the summer when a few months of well-restedness, eating more during the day and general inactivity has caught up with me. In particular, it's caught up with my bum. And as if that wasn't already too much info for you, I put on a pair of underwear today and nearly burst into tears before I realized that I had put them on backwards. So whew!, that. It's always nice to be reminded that things could be much, much worse.

Speaking of summer activities, the water aerobics class that I've been taking all summer comes to an end on Monday. As many of you already know, this class has been one of the more humbling experiences of my life thus far. The course description painted it as a rather intense class, but when I showed up on day one I made the unpleasant discovery that I would be the youngest student by, oh, say TWENTY YEARS! So yes, I've been sweating with the oldies these past months. Ain't it a hoot. Still, despite being a source of embarrassment I will miss it when it's gone, in particular the lovely ladies I've grown to sorta know. I'll miss Dorothy, who loves bingo and hasn't found a presidential candidate worth voting for since Kennedy. I'll miss Rose, who never really does much in the class other than splash around a bit, but she's pushing eighty and likes my tattoo so who cares? I won't miss Sophia - she's a bit of a Eeyore - however, I will also miss Blanche, whose ankles swell up to roughly the size of my head after twenty minutes of light physical activity, but who has a heart of gold and always made sure to save the most buoyant water weights for me. Sigh. Next Monday is sure to be bittersweet, folks. (No, I don't actually know any of these ladies' names, and yes, I've assigned them all Golden Girls pseudonyms in my mind. Doesn't everyone do that?)

Speaking of things coming to an end, my six-week stint as a volunteer at 826 Michigan concluded this past Wednesday, and that truly makes me sad. It's been really nice seeing kids read and write for fun rather than for school, and I wish I lived closer to the center so I could volunteer more during the school year. At the very least I see myself doing some single-day weekend workshops this fall. That place is just so awesome, and I don't want to drop it completely simply because I have to go back to being a productive member of society.

Okay, so this has nothing to do with anything, but what do you think about this? They actually found Bigfoot? Really???

And on that note, I really must motor because I got a family reunion/golf tournament to attend. I won't be playing this year, but I will be coming with last year's trophy in hand. But it's a trophy for placing dead last and has a plastic, gold-painted horse's ass on top, so understand why I really won't be sad to see the sucker go. My family likes to keep it classy, see.

And you, you stay classy too. Happy weekend, all.


Blogger PAK said...

I really wish they had something like 826 Michigan in the northern suburbs or the east side. I have a nephew and a niece that I think would both love that program. Unfortunately, Ann Arbor is a bit of a long haul from Farmington Hills and/or Utica.

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Me too. Ann Arbor is a bit of a hike. They have a traveling workshop that goes into area schools, but I think the farthest East they go is Westland. Even still, it might be worth her time to sign up for a one-day only weekend workshop every now and then just for fun. They have some really cool things, and it's all free, so the price is right. :)

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