Tuesday, October 16, 2007
some new music releases i've been liking, each reviewed in only one sentence
(Or, the one where I push the limits of a complex-compound sentence 'till it bleeds.)

In Rainbows, Radiohead
Admittedly, I'm a fiercely loyal Radiohead fan, having defended this band through even their most annoying Amnesiac moments, but the In Rainbows Radiohead, while still atmospheric, chooses to be so in a prettier, much more palatable way than the past two albums have been; and, as an added bonus, Johnny Greenwood has even started playing his guitar again!

The Flying Club Cup, Beirut
I'd be flattering myself to think that more than two people who read this will even care, however The Flying Club Cup - while slightly less "ethnic" than Gulag Orkestar - is a more consistent and so very lovely little album, but I should also admit that had he just released the pitch-perfect "Guyamas Sonora" on a hour-long loop I could not ask for more.

Cease to Begin, Band of Horses
Perhaps it's not Everything All the Time in that I didn't immediately fall head-over-heel in love, but I've been listening to this album pretty much on repeat for the last two weeks, which turns out to be exactly how long it takes for me to 1) pencil this in as one of my favorite albums released in 2007, 2) decide that "The General Specific" is my new "Weed Party", and 3), realize that I don't blanketly hate all "twangy" music after all.

Now looking forward to:
downloading the new Maritime, eventually getting around to the new The New Pornographers, and, perhaps, a nap.



Blogger Carrie said...

I'm pretty all about the new Radiohead- Jigsaw Falling into Place is my current favorite.

I listened to Beruit for the 1st time falling asleep last night, and it seemed pretty. My first impression is that I might miss the ethnic vibe a bit, but I did fall asleep during like the 3rd song, so I need to listen to it more, obviously.

And Band of Horses- sigh. I'm not in the same place with it as you are, but we've discussed this. It's fine, but I guess that's my problem with it- it's completely innocuous. Starts out strong, keeps it up for a couple songs, and then everything sounds the same. I don't think one song really holds up to anything on Everything All The Time. And I completely disagree with you about the General Specific- nothing on the album, especially not that song- holds up to Weed Party.

But I like that you like it, and I'll sit here and daydream about the day I can get you to admit you like a My Morning Jacket song.

P.S. I think you left your toothbrush at my house. I'll keep it safe.

Blogger Carrie said...

BTW, I just noticed that it says on emusic they're getting the New Pornographers on 11/16. Now, do I want to wait even longer to get it, or should I just shell out for it now?

Blogger Mrs. White said...

Regarding Band of Horses, I don't really see what you see about the latter part of the album, but we'll just have to agree to disagree, I suppose.

Regarding TNP, I'm planning on waiting for the emusic availability on that one. I'm sure it's better than the Pitchfork snobs claim, but, alas, I'm cheap. :)

Blogger Carrie said...

I feel like I was maybe a little harsh in my first comment. I actually listened to it more yesterday, and I didn't forward through any song that came on, so I obviously like them. I guess the one thing I can narrow it down to is that it leaves me wanting more. Does that make sense? I enjoy debating it to help me figure out exactly what my problems with it are.

(Sorry, lady! You know how much I respect your musical opinions. In fact, I'd say you're rubbing off on me a great deal...)

Blogger JMW said...

Interesting. I like the Radiohead a lot. I listened to OK Computer the other day and, yeah, they'll probably never match that and The Bends again. But the new one's really pretty. I like "All I Need" quite a bit -- that's my favorite right now.

Love the new Band of Horses. I guess it's true that there's no "Funeral" on it, but honestly, aside from that song, I thought the first record didn't have standouts. But I liked all of it, and I feel the same way about the new one. I just press play and listen to the entire thing. That's so rare these days! I do go back to the opening track and "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands" a little more than the others -- those two rock.

I guess I need to check out Beirut!

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