Wednesday, February 08, 2006
one mississippi, two mississippi...
"The only thing that matters now is guns...There's a new sheriff in town. Ya'll best get used to it."

So really, this whole thing was just one loooooooooong con? Even the droopy, puppy-dog eyes at Kate? And convincing Charlie to join the dark side - awesome. Sawyer has taken being a bad-ass to a completely new level. So deliciously evil!

So maybe it wasn't the big beach-dwellers vs. others battle we were all hoping for, but that will do Lost, that will do.


Blogger Carrie said...

I really dug this week's episode, even though some people complained that nothing happened. Sawyer is quite the evil mastermind. (It actually made me appreciate Charlie's episode more too.) There's dissent forming among the ranks, and more castaway drama equals more fun for us!

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