Thursday, December 22, 2005
and one for my homies...
who live in NYC. i whine about my 40 minute drive to work, and my brother had to walk for three hours to get to work for the last two days. across the brooklyn bridge. then work. then repeat. thankfully, the strike is over, giving the chaffing between his thighs time to heal. god speed, little brother, god speed.


Blogger paul said...

Margaret! You naughty girl! You know you have a blogging obligation to tell all others who blog of your blogging exploits.

You officially have to go stand in the blogger corner for 5 minutes.

Blogger Carrie said...

That is crazed about Matt. We hope we get to see his crazy ass while he's home, if he's not too fabulous for us now that he lives in NYC. (Hi Matt!) I can ummm, rub some balm on his thighs, or ummm, something.

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